An Independent Movement of Freedom

In our rawest form are we most free. We remain in want of nothing and  attached to no one. We are loyal to two worlds and committed to  neither. We are Ikkivi. 

Borderless people are defined little by where they come from and much  less so by where they go. To aid in their freedom are emerging and  peerless designers, creating for the outsider at home. We work  tirelessly  to bring you styles and forms that remain local in spirit and  worldly in  silhouette. Our designers stay rooted to their motherland but don't hold  you back from where to it is that you wish to go. 

Ikkivi works with designers across the country who believe in the  increasing confluence of cultures. We hope you can take your  country with you, wherever you go, and bring back whatever you will.  On this two-way street lies our little dream for dissolved boundaries and  rooted sensibilities.

When you are hitchhiking Route 66 with your Ikat hat and kolhapuris in  tow, you are Ikkivi and Ikkivi is you.