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Polina Polka Dress

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Little Things Studio

Polina Polka Dress


Curator's note

The skin soft polina polka dress is made from handwoven silk khadi, this piece is hand block printed using pigment colours by Indian artisans. The upper bodice features gather details and trendy balloon sleeves, it is finished with handmade buttons.

The designer story

LITTLE THINGS STUDIO by Ankita Srivastava focuses on sustainability and contemporizing fashion with indigenous elements. Their products are 100% natural, handcrafted by skilled artisans from India and tailor-made to suit and cater to individual personalities of the strong modern and independent woman of the world.

The collection " Postcards From Summer", talks about romanticizing with summer while covered in handcrafted handloom cotton and khadi. The shoot reflects a positive energy where summer is personified as a person.

With their Spring summer 2018 collection, the band has shifted towards more sustainable and ethical clothing by associating with different weavers from West Bengal and Bhopal.

There is an earthiness to using pastel colours using all
Indian handcrafted techniques from handwoven khadi to hand block printing. The brand wants consumers to be aware of ethical practices and the idea of "buy less, choose well" philosophy.
Basic, timeless pieces that can be worn for a long time is their focus.  

The fine print

Fabric:  Silk Khadi
Delivery: 7-10 Days 
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Recommended or Gentle Handwash at room temperature water or 30 degrees. Line dry in shade and steam iron.

The model is wearing a size small.

For custom orders, please email us at 

$ 230 USD