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Soho Dress Blue

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Label Ishana

Soho Dress Blue



Checkered dress, cinched at the lower waist. A comfortable silhouette made just for weekends. 

The fabric in this garment has been handspun and handwoven in Murshidabad, West Bengal. The embroidery on this garment is done in Ranihati, West Bengal. The garment itself has been hand stitched in a factorry in Kolkata which follows the international standards of fair, ethical and responsible workplace conditions in the garment industry 


LABEL ISHANA is for the woman who is subtle yet assertive. The organic nature of the pieces sets a tone of quiet confidence. Each piece focuses on being transformative with an underlying intention of standing out. LABEL ISHANA is strong yet versatile; like each woman who participates in our collection of classic and confident aesthetic. Our Styles are an exploration of bold simplicity “ handcrafted with love.

Firmly believing in the philosophy of sustainability, each style in the collection is individually #handcraftedwithlove by skilled artisans. This team of artisans have a sense of ownership to the brand and are invested in its beliefs.

Unlike most fashion brands, Label Ishana doesn't do several collections in a year. They create only two full collections because the process of weaving fabric by hand takes longer and needs more love and attention. The textile process has its own story and they don™t want to rush it. As such,each piece is crafted to reflect timeless style, carries the stories of all those who made it and will become an enduring part of your wardrobe.

LABEL ISHANA wants fashion to be a conscious choice, a statement, a lifestyle “ one that provides joy to everyone involved!


Fabric: Cotton Khadi
Care Instructions: Dry clean only
Delivery: This product will be delivered within 10 days

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$ 149 USD